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About Udemi

UDEMI is a politically independent and impartial social networking service that will provide citizens, politicians, political parties and local governments with an efficient tool for active political participation, democratic dialogue and communication.

Our vision is to transform 21st century Democracy into an enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding experience by dramatically lowering the barrier for political participation. We want to enable all citizens to effectively make their voices heard and actively shape the political debate, independent of financial background or party affiliation.

UDEMI follows the principle of "Bottom Up Participation", allowing you to choose exactly the level of political engagement you prefer. UDEMI will offer four main routes to engage politically:

1) Filtering and comparing political information
The days where you have to read dozens of lengthy party manifestos in order to decide whom to vote for will be over, as UDEMI will allow you to effectively inform yourself about and compare political parties and candidates. Filter
2) Influencing and shaping the political debate
Tired of complaining about politics? With UDEMI, you can make your voice heard by sharing what you are concerned about and what you would like to see addressed by policy makers. Raise
3) Proposing own solutions & policies
Got some interesting ideas for how to solve pressing issues in your community or even at a national and global level? Share your ideas and proposals, and gather support in order put them into practice! Propose
4) Gathering supporters and initiating political careers
Your contributions to UDEMI are receiving widespread support? You are attracting first followers? Perfect, use the momentum and start building your voter base and become to put your name on the ballot and become a politician yourself! Gather

Initially, we will start with functionality representing engagement level two, and gradually expand UDEMI with the remaining features.